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Basin Champions

Basin Champions combines interactive videoconferencing with an in-class river health investigation to teach students about the importance of healthy rivers. We are participating this year!!

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The mosaic is finished!! Over 23 metres of it in total! It was officially "revealed" on the 3rd November 2011.

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Class Room Activities

Lots of interesting things go on in our classrooms!!

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Woodhouse Camp

In Term 3 we travelled to Woodhouse in Adelaide for our 2016 school camp.

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Water Watch

Each Tuesday students test the river for Salinity and Turbidity. They report on ABC radio each Friday and send the "River Monitors Report" to the Loxton News each week. We have been documenting the birdlife also for over 12 months.

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Foyer Displays

Welcome to Kingston-on-Murray Primary School

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We joined Cobdogla and Moorook Primary Schools for our bi-annual Footsteps Workshop. We learned some groovy dance steps and had loads of fun.

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We are very fortunate to have our own swimming pool. We get two weeks of professional swimming lessons each year and the teachers let us swim at lunch time if it is really hot.

View The Numeracy Album


The students have discovered that there is Mathematics in lots of different subject areas!!

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Working Bee

We try to hold a working bee each year to help the school deal with significant projects such as making a long jump pit and cleaning our school pond.

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Each fortnight we have an assembly to celebrate our milestones and achievements.

View The Young Environmental Leaders Forum Album

Young Environmental Leaders Forum

Each term some of the upper primary students go to YEL. They bring back lots of environmental ideas we can use at our school.

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Music is Fun

Every year we attend Music is Fun. This year it was at Waikerie Primary School. It is always so much fun and the music always gets us grooving!!

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Reward Day

Each term we have a Reward Day for all the students that have earned it. In Term 2 we visited the new Loxton Pioneer Playground. The Playgroup children joined us too.

View The National Tree Day Album

National Tree Day

We celebrated National Tree Day by travelling out to Banrock Station and helping to re-vegetate their lands by planting over 400 plants.

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We have hosted Waikerie Lutheran Primary School in Term 1 and Renmark West Primary in Term 3 this year.

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Burra Camp

In week 3 we travelled to Burra for our school camp. We had so much fun looking at all the old mining sites and gaols.

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Phil Cummings

We went to Cobdogla Primary School to meet the famous South Australian author Phil Cummings. He was absolutely hilarious, we loved it!!

View The Playgroup Album


Our playgroup is in it's 10th year this year. Playgroup runs each Tuesday of the school term from 9am -11am. Our Toy Library is open from 10.30 on these mornings for borrowing.